Joseph Moldovan joined Royal Sheen in 1983 as a partner and head chemist. In 1997, Joseph left Royal Sheen to purchase a chain of car washes in Akron, Ohio—Quality Scrub. Joseph and his daughter—who is also a chemist—grew the chain to 13 car washes at their peak.

As operators, they found that existing chemistry did not give them the flexibility, control or performance they needed to maximize profitability.

The Beginning of Qual Chem®

They began to develop chemistry that gave them this capability. To accomplish this, they needed to develop products that were unique to the industry. Using Quality Scrub locations as their test facilities, Q Clean, Q Enhance High and Low, Hydropel, Proshine and Q Dry were developed and perfected.

Operators that visited Quality Scrub, valued the way this new chemistry was performing and demand for these products began building quickly. As a result of this demand, Qual Chem was started in 2004.


Since 2004, we have installed Qual Chem® chemistry in many of the top car washes in the country and earned a reputation as one the premier chemical suppliers in the industry. Qual Chem® products give operators complete control of their chemistry, allowing them to produce the results they need at the costs they want.

Development Success

In 2010, our team focused on improving the drying process, with the objective of using less water and dryer power. To do this, we developed a unique chemical application process for Qual Chem® waxes. The successful results of this process accomplished our objectives and exceeded expectations.

Certified Eco-Friendly

Always safety and environmentally conscious, in 2011, Qual Chem® products were approved as GREEN by the EPA.

Also in 2011, we partnered with Pur Water on the Aqua Link system that clarifies reclaim water while eliminating odor. Our test wash uses reclaim water on every application except the final rinse!

Our Commitment to You

We will continue to develop products that improve the profitability of your car wash. Being car wash operators ourselves, we know the challenges that you face in today’s value driven society. As a result, we’ll design our chemistry as you would if you were designing it for yourself—chemistry that produces the best possible results at the lowest possible cost.

Find out what Qual Chem can do for your carwash!