Luminaura Nano Hex™
Powered by Nano Graphene
The next evolution of premium car washing is here. We combined the power of Luminaura with the nanotechnology of graphene to bring you, Nano Hex. Your customers will be blown away with how fast the water moves off their car. It reduces spotting, improves drying, and fortifies the Luminaura shine and feel.

Nano Graphene

SPF/UV Protection

Surface Protection

Drier & Reduces Spotting

Unmatched Reflectivity

More Durable

Lasts Longer

Tropical Citrus Scent

This is the WOW FACTOR you’ve been looking for. Drive sales with Nano Hex.

Other Key Nano Hex Benefits

Extend the Life of Luminaura

Luminaura Protection Fortified by Graphene

Fastest Water Release from the Vehicle Surface

Reduce Drip Zones

Ultimate in Protection

Extend the Life of Your Shine