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3 Reasons We Suggest Creating New Packages When Implementing Q Luminaura™ At Your Car Wash

The recent launch of Q Luminaura has generated a lot of interest and discussion from operators.

One question we often hear is “How should we incorporate Q Luminaura into our wash packages? Should we get rid of a package, add a package or offer it a la carte?”

In this post, we’ll cover our suggested implementation and the three reasons we believe it is the best approach.


We believe the best way to implement Q Luminaura into your existing car wash menu is to simply add a new premium package.

This can be done for your standard menu, as well as your monthly pass program.

Finally, we suggest adding Q Luminaura a la carte for customers who prefer to design their own package.


While a case can be made for replacing existing packages with Q Luminaura, there are three big advantages to keeping your existing menu intact.

1. No Need to Change Existing Menu Boards & Signage

Replacing your car wash menu signage can be a hassle. By creating a new package, you will not need to make any immediate changes to your menu boards. Simply add an additional sign next to your existing signage and you are off and running.

2. Limits Confusion for Existing Customers

Keeping your existing menu offering the same will keep existing customers happy. They can continue purchasing the wash package they have become familiar with, while also being introduced to a new option.

Over time, marketing efforts can help educate them on the advantages of Q Luminaura that will lead to a trial.

3. Sets the Stage for Quick Wins

While many customers will review the details of each package before purchasing, we know that other customers will simply ask for the cheapest, middle or best package.

By introducing a new premium package, you can see quick wins from customers who always purchase the top package.


As you can see, adding a premium package featuring Q Luminaura to your menu board or pass program can have a significant impact on extra-service revenue of your car wash.

If you have additional questions regarding implementation of Q Luminaura into your car wash, please contact your local Qual Chem distributor.