LUMINAURA, more than just a ceramic.  LUMINAURA is a revolutionary breakthrough in car wash technology beyond today’s ceramic and graphene products, delivering the soft, smooth feel, and deep reflective shine — all as an on-line application. Quite simply, we believe LUMINAURA is the ultimate extra service product available to the car wash industry.


The Safer Clay Bar Effect

This unique formula delivers the results of a clay bar to your car wash tunnel.

LUMINAURA STEP 1 removes oxidized metals, concrete dusts and other hard contaminants that get embedded on the vehicle surface. Unlike clay bars, LUMINAURA STEP 1 does not contain abrasives so you can rest easy knowing that you won't be creating micro scratches on your customers' vehicles.

NOTE: Luminaura Step 1 is part of a two-step Luminaura process. Depending on use case, Luminaura Step 1 should be used in combination with either Luminaura Step 2 or Luminaura TF.


A Shine You Can Feel

This revolutionary formula is unlike anything on the market outside of a hand wax/full detail.

LUMINAURA STEP 2 was designed to deliver the soft, smooth feel and deep, reflective shine of a hand wax—without costly manual labor and the inconvenient customer wait times.

In addition to how great their vehicle looks and feels, customers will love the water repellency and surface protection provided by LUMINAURA STEP 2

Add LUMINAURA to your car wash to WOW your customers!

NOTE: Luminaura Step 2 is part of a two-step Luminaura process. Luminaura Step 2 should be used in combination with Luminaura Step 1 in tunnel applications.


Achieve the same LUMINAURA results in more places, with a pleasing lemon mojito fragrance.


LUMINAURA TF brings the same great feel and performance to the touch-free/in-bay automatic car wash environment.


LUMINAURA TF is formulated to be used in high foaming applicators such as trays, bubblizers, overglows, and rain type applicators, allowing you to improve the performance of these revenue generating extra-service offerings.

NOTE: Depending on use case, Luminaura TF can be used as a standalone application or in combination with Luminaura Step 1.


Grow Your Extra Service Revenue.
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Grow your extra service revenue by providing your customers results unlike any other product on the market.