Q Clean

Q Clean®

The cleanest clean!

Q Clean is a uniquely formulated high foaming lubricating neutral soap.

Q Clean provides great lubricity, excellent cleaning and free rinsing. Q Clean is highly concentrated, making it extremely cost effective.

Q Clean is used in combination with our Q Enhance products to easily make all of the cleaning products for your car wash including:

  • presoaks
  • wheel and tire solutions
  • lubricating detergents
  • bug cleaners
  • conditioners.

Q Clean is also a great standalone product for neutral, prep guns, lube soaps and big foam applicators.

Q Clean 2X®

Q Clean 2x is the same great cleaning product as Q Clean with twice the strength.

Available in 30 gallon and 5 gallon containers.

Find out what Qual Chem can do for your carwash!