Custom Fit Car Wash Chemistry

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Why Qual Chem?

The Qual Chem Cleaning System³ was developed by a car washer to create all of the cleaning applications needed in your car wash using just three products.

In addition to our core cleaning system, we offer a full line of car wash chemistry to provide you with every application needed to optimize your car wash for success.

Qual Chem Cleaning System³

Three products for all your cleaning applications.

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Environmentally Responsible

Our goal is a safer, cleaner planet for all living beings.

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For Operators. By Operators.

Commitment to Our Customers

We will continue to develop products that improve the profitability of your car wash. Being car wash operators ourselves, we know the challenges you face in today’s value driven society. As a result, we design our chemistry as you would if you were designing it for yourself—chemistry that produces the best possible results at the lowest possible cost per car.

Joseph Moldovan

Managing Director

Claudia Moldovan Crea